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Kungfu Math is created in Singapore by former Singapore Ministry of Education school teachers and follows the Singapore Math method of learning. Kungfu Math questions are based on everyday problems and relate the topic to current events. Hence, it focuses on the many uses of math and helps students understand why they need to know it as well as helping them to apply math to the real world situations outside of the classroom.

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Bar Modeling: Pictorial Understanding

Bar Modeling

In Singapore Math Method, students are introduced to bar modeling as an method to illustrate situations that can be solved with addition or subtraction. Kungfu Math follows the same approach where most solutions are presented in pictorial forms whenever possible, hence deepening the students' understanding of mathematical ideas and procedures. This Visualisation Approach to mathematics provides a tool for international students ( including United States's New Common Core ) to understand math and explain their answers in a more concise manner.

New Common Core curriculum

The New Common Core math curriculum is similar to Singapore math syllabus, homeschooling parents will certainly want to take advantage of Kungfu Math online resources in order to learn how to help their children achieve the standards that the USA Math New Common Core requires. Learning more than one or two methods of solving a problem allows the child to decide on the easiest approach and help in other areas of study.

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