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Singapore ranked no. 1 – Quality of Education System - Maths and Science Education
Global Comptetiveness Report 2009-2010

Singapore students ranked among the top in Mathematics and Science
Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS) 1995, 1997, 2003 and 2007

Kungfu Math

A Singapore Math Solution

Designed to address low interests in academics and supplement educational practice, Kungfu Math is an online math portal with fun and motivational elements. Children can adopt pets and watch them grow as they answer math questions and partake in educational activities, offering hours of intrigue without distracting them from learning.

Based on the latest Singapore Math syllabus, our programme is usable as a supplementary learning material for the new common core grade 1 to 6.

Fun and Motivational

Traditional math learning are usually stale and unencouraging, reducing learning efficiency and shortens attention span. We embedded fun elements in practice so that your child learn faster and stay focused longer.

Unlimited Questions

Ever attempt the same questions because there are only that many questions in the exercise book? Kungfu Math generates unlimited questions so that your child gets unlimited practices.

Authentic Singapore Math

Kungfu Math is based on the latest Singapore Ministry of Education Math curriculum created by a team of former school educators and math specialists.

Access to all Grades

Get full access to all learning materials not matter which grade you are in. Learn at your own pace, revise easier questions or attempt high grade questions. It's your choice!


Keep track of child progress with informative reports and performance analytics pointing out successes and trouble spots.

Anytime, anywhere

Access learning materials on the Cloud on demand anytime and anywhere. Stop bringing those chunky math books around!

Rapid adoption of Kungfu Math program in schools

Singapore Math is regularly ranked best in the world. Within 2 years of incorporation, Kungfu Math Portal experienced a rapid subscription rate of over 100000 subscribers and 26 Singapore Primary Schools (15% of Primary Schools in Singapore). Our take up rate is increasing exponentially by the day, a strong testimonial to the superior content and learning methods we have over traditional Singapore Math methods.

"This new common core looks a lot like singapore math. Love it."
"I am glad I have a good start for my daughters teaching them singapore math."

A parent comment on the new Common Core State Standards

What You Get

  • Unlimited Questions with step-by-step solutions
  • Unlimited Practice 24x7 to all grade questions
  • Fun and Motivational Math Practice
  • Practice at your personal pace with full access to all grades
  • Keep Track of child progress with Practice Reports and Performance Analytics
  • Regular updates with new Challenges and Quizzes
  • Quick Response Helpdesk Support
  • Latest Complete Singapore Math Syllabus

Experience Singapore Math Now

The amount of fun, motivation and math learning your child will get from Kungfu Math is off the charts.

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